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Bookkeeper in North Texas

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, I was asked what a bookkeeper does. I explained that I use a program called “Quickbooks” to track business transactions. The End.

Yes, that is the entire story, and it’s not very exciting, funny, or dramatic. I thought about that conversation later, and realized that I had explained the technical side of what a bookkeeper does, but not the value bookkeepers provide to businesses. In other words, what a bookkeeper really does for a business. 

Well, what is it that makes a bookkeeper valuable then?

Bookkeepers ensure that all business transactions are accurately recorded. Sounds simple but what does this actually mean to the business owner.

  • It means the bookkeeper may be able to legally reduce the business’s taxable income, which in turn, would reduce the tax burden owed, and paid, by the business each year.


  • It means professionally created financial reports which are needed for business decisions like taking out a loan to expand, selling a portion to gain a partner, or even selling down the line to retire or move on to another adventure.


  • It means someone who wants to open a business, without an accounting background, is empowered to follow that dream, and pass the least fun part of the business to a professional.


  • It means that, (with all this number crunching being done by a specialist), the business owner has free time to spend growing their business, focus on why it was started in the first place, spend time on other interests or with family, and so much more!

About Me

I studied bookkeeping at Miami Dade College in 2013. Eventually, in 2015, I found myself working as an Office Manager, with no room for advancement, and feeling stagnant in that situation.

I was financially stable enough to quit, but I hadn’t planned on self-employment. That is, until a former boss called me and wanted to hire me on a contractual basis. That was a big push I needed, and one which I appreciate to this day. This opportunity encouraged me to create value for myself, bet on my success, and start my freelancing business. I’m looking forward to passing the CPA Exam in 2022, and growing my client base!

If you would like to see my resume or references, or speak with me about Bookkeeping services for YOUR business, I’d love to chat with you! Please feel free to fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch with you soon!

You can use this form to send me a message regarding my bookkeeping services. I respond within 24 hours during the workweek.

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