Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant Services Dallas: More information

PAs aren’t just for celebrities any more. Personal assistant services in Dallas are becoming more accessible for real people and can help you accomplish a variety of tasks and save you time.


What is a personal assistant?
A personal assistant is simply someone who takes responsibility for accomplishing tasks that need to get done.


What does a personal assistant do?
Personal assistants can book travel, schedule repairs and maintenance in the home or on vehicles, meet with contractors, buy groceries, go to the post office, house sit, pay bills, and check mail. This is certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list. Some clients request that their PA research good restaurants in the area, find places to sight-see during a trip, and even hire other people for the home such as landscapers, personal chefs, and baby-sitters.


How do I work with a personal assistant?
The process is straightforward: Contact your PA, and let her know the issue you need resolved, and she’ll get it done, and with minimal input from you. The good thing about working with a personal assistant is that they usually maintain their own office space, so that you can maintain the privacy of your home.


Does a PA have to come to my house?
Sometimes this will be necessary to meet contractors and deliver groceries. Many PAs have personal offices and their own computer from which they can conduct the majority of their duties without having to be at your house.


How does a client get in touch with the personal assistant?
Personal assistants are accustomed to being reached at odd hours and via informal modes of communication. My clients can reach me via text, phone call, and email, with texts being the most common.


Do you only offer personal assistant services in Dallas?
I do sometimes work in the surrounding metroplex, but since it is a long drive, it usually makes more sense for someone to find a PA that lives closer to their area.