Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services in Dallas: More Information

What is Bookkeeping?
Bookkeeping is keeping track of a business’s financial transactions for a variety of purposes.


What does a bookkeeper do?
Fundamentally, bookkeepers track money going into and out of a business. Debits and credits. Bookkeepers track debits and credits for a variety of purposes. For example, bookkeepers track sales, payments, purchases, payroll, and sometimes local, state, and federal taxes. Bookkeepers can also generate and analyze financial reports, process sales tax, and reconcile bank accounts. Bookkeepers generally use software programs such as QuickBooks, and Excel.


What does working with a bookkeeper look like?
Working with a bookkeeping service is very low-maintenance, and trust is important. Your bookkeeper only needs the bank and credit card statements associated with your business. Sometimes your bookkeeper will need original source documents for clarity. Your freelance bookkeeper works independently and only needs your attention to get occasional clarifications on your financial transactions. As businesses tend to repeat similar transactions month to month, the amount of your time that your bookkeeper needs will generally drop as he or she becomes familiar with your business.


Can you file my taxes?
No, I am not qualified to prepare income tax returns, but I can assist you with routine payroll tax reporting and compliance.


Are you a CPA?
No. Certified Public Accountants have received at least 150 semester hours of college education and have passed the licensing exam. I can recommend a CPA for you, however.


What cities do you operate in?
I provide bookkeeping services in Dallas, TX, the metroplex, and Fort Worth as well. I am also available for telecommute bookkeeping services nationwide.


What are the benefits of using a bookkeeper?
There are many, but a few compelling reasons to hire a bookkeeping service include:

  • Bookkeepers ensure that all transactions are recorded which includes recording transactions that may help legally reduce your taxable income. Your taxable income is directly related to the amount of taxes you pay each year. Most people are too busy to handle this so using a contract bookkeeper frees up business people to run their businesses.


  • You’ll have more time to focus on your core business, while the bookkeeper focuses on his or her core business, which is bookkeeping for you and your business!