About Me

Agatha Venters: About Me

The Past

There’s no other way to start this story: I grew up on a cattle farm in east Texas until I was 16. I’ve spent more years of my life living on the farm than not. But from 16-21 my story was pretty much the same as anyone else’s who wanted to attend college. I studied hard and got good grades, to the detriment of every other aspect of life.

After I graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2011, I couldn’t get hired to save my life. I moved back in with my parents in a small town in east Texas and I was desperate for work. My aunt recommended an English school in rural China that she had contacts with. I ended up getting accepted to teach English at the school and taught there for 6 months. After that I started getting noticed more when submitting resumes. I moved around during that time looking for work: Dallas, Austin, Miami. I was making a little money, saving a little more, and gaining incredibly useful business skills, namely bookkeeping, office management, and web development.

Eventually, in 2015 I found myself stagnant at my job, and financially stable enough to quit. I hadn’t planned on self-employment but got a big push in that direction when my former boss called and wanted to hire me on as an SEO contractor. I appreciate that to this day because it encouraged me to create my own value and bet on myself. That was the start of my freelancing business.

The Present

So, in my self-employment I have continued learning and experimenting with new business skills. I’m currently pursuing my CPA at a local college. I’ve been reading up on entrepreneurialism, accounting, self-promotion and working to incorporate those skills into my life.

The Future
I anticipate growing my skills base and passing the CPA exam in next couple of years and I am looking forward with bated breath. I hope to work with new clients, read more novels, and continue the self-education and travel that has brought me precisely where I am.

Thanks for reading!

Agatha Venters